• Domaine Wine Cellars提供咖啡服務。我們選用的義式咖啡機,是勞斯萊斯等級的Victoria Arduino Black Eagle VA388,絕對是咖啡中的桂冠。
  • Domaine Wine Cellars提供精選單一產區高級咖啡豆,配上專用咖啡機和磨豆機,給您尊榮享受。

The Domaine Cafe is open daily from the morning until mid-afternoon. We offer espresso made with our state-of-the-art Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle and Mahlkonig EK43 and Mazzer Kold grinder as well as hand-poured coffee. We offer our house blend as well as highly-rated single origin hand-roasted coffee beans. Domaine Cafe offers light pastries and house-made Belgian liege waffles.